Our mission transcends mere words; it is etched in the lives we touch, the resilience we foster, the hope we ignite, and our grassroots boots are on the ground to empower women and gender-diverse individuals.

Your sponsorship contribution reverberates throughout Northwestern Ontario, and 100% of the proceeds flow back into the community. It breathes life into our vital programs and services, including transitional housing, court support services, community reintegration and discharge planning, monthly food bags, system navigation, and systemic advocacy.

Your voice will be heard on our social media as a compassionate leader and a champion for inclusivity. And, we will offer you a charitable receipt for your contribution(s). 

Sponsors supporting EFry NWO’s initiatives will gain:
  • Visibility and Recognition: Prominent acknowledgment in project-related materials, including press releases, event signage, and social media campaigns.
  • Community Engagement: Opportunity to engage with a diverse audience and demonstrate commitment to social responsibility.
  • Impactful Social Change: Direct involvement in supporting projects aimed at fostering inclusivity, equity, and justice.
Let’s explore the ways you or your organization can provide sponsorship to an EFry NWO initiative: 
  1. Financial Contributions: Individuals and organizations can directly contribute funds to support EFry NWO’s programs and initiatives.

  2. In-Kind Donations: Instead of monetary contributions, consider donating goods or services that directly benefit the women+ served by EFry NWO. Examples include clothing, hygiene products, legal resources, or office supplies.

  3. Corporate Sponsorship: Companies can sponsor specific events, such as conferences, awareness campaigns, or workshops. In return, they gain visibility, positive PR, and the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause.

  4. Workshops: Sponsor a dynamic array of transformative workshops that educate, empower, and uplift both the community and the women+ we serve.

  5. Matching Gift Programs: Organizations can set up matching gift programs where they match employee donations to EFry NWO. This doubles the impact of individual contributions.

  6. Legacy Giving: Individuals can include EFry NWO in their wills or estate plans. This ensures long-term support for the organization’s mission.

Photo credit: Robyn Saxberg, PMCP | EFSNWO

Photo credit: Robyn Saxberg, PMCP | EFSNWO

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Your generosity is a catalyst and ripples outward, creating waves of positive change and touching the lives of those who need it the most in Thunder Bay. It fuels resilience, ignites dreams, and whispers,  “You are seen. You matter.”

From the whole EFSNWO team,

Thank you, miigwetch, and merçi,

Contact information:

Desiree Dumoulin
Development & Communications Coordinator