Systemic Advocacy

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario engages in systemic advocacy to advance decarceration efforts in Ontario and extend its impact nationally. Our Systemic Advocate, equipped with training in provincial and national advocacy, conducts institutional inspections across the province, emphasizing the unique needs of Northern communities. The findings contribute to accurate national statistics, particularly concerning federal rates of incarcerated Indigenous women, supporting efforts for their decarceration. The appointment of EFSNWO’s Systemic Advocate to the Ontario Human Rights Advisory Board reflects their dedication to systemic change and provides a platform to advocate for the rights of women and gender-diverse individuals in the Northern region.

Follow-up visits to Ontario prisons and jails ensure ongoing monitoring of identified concerns and reporting on human rights concerns to the ministry with provincial advocacy letters. By addressing the root causes of addiction and criminalization, understanding intersectionality, and advocating for equitable policies, EFSNWO actively works to reduce mass incarceration and injustices experienced by Indigenous women and gender-diverse individuals. Our approach focuses on healing, accessibility, equity, and inclusivity, fostering fairer societies by eliminating obstacles and bridging gaps in the criminal justice system.

Contact Information:
Lindsay Martin
Operations Director and Systemic Advocate

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