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The Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario provides programs, services and advocacy to assist women and gender diverse people who are involved in the criminal justice system, at risk of criminalization or who are homeless. One-on-one support and group programs are aimed at helping clients integrate into the community while they work toward achieving more independence.

Our staff help women and gender diverse people navigate court procedures, access housing and mental health and addiction services as well as food, clothing and other essential items. We have been providing services and extensive programming exclusively to criminalized women in Thunder Bay since 2003. In recent years, we have extended our services to include transgendered, non-binary and Two Spirit individuals.

Our staff attend the Correctional Centre several times a week to provide individual advocacy and diverse recreational and therapeutic programming. As many crucial support services are found outside correctional institutions, successful reintegration is facilitated by establishing meaningful connections with the community.

Our organization works alongside women to ensure they have the support system they need to restore their lives upon release. Are you in conflict with the law? Are you looking for support to avoid involvement in the justice system? Are you healing from an experience related to the justice system? Are you incarcerated and need support? Reach out to Elizabeth Fry Society today and start walking the path towards rebuilding your life.

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Court Support

A culturally sensitive and gendered approach to court support for women+, grounded in healing and transformative justice.

Exit Strategy


Weekly visits with incarcerated women+ at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre to develop release plans that enable successful reintegration.

Transitional Housing

Provides the stability and wrap-around support that individuals need to heal from past trauma and regain control of their lives.

Correctional Centre

Weekly visitation to offer support and advocacy to incarcerated women+; liaising with family; proactive release planning; maintenance of a clothing bank for court; arts programs; meditation and mindfulness; and skill-based initiatives.

Systems Navigation

Community drop-in - which includes programs and access to basic needs.Housing assistance and referrals to mental health and addictions services.Community outreach and events. Low-barrier food bag program.

Systemic Advocacy

Community education on the systemic social and economic issues that result in the criminalization of women+. Addressing conditions of confinement and the human rights concerns of incarcerated women+.